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Fuel, 18th Jun 05

Fuel - 18th Jun 05

Merry Mushrumps Minstrel the epic adventure

Basic premise of game

You are the minstrel you travel around the game map collecting instruments and learning songs. Different songs on different instruments can have different effects!
Soothing wild creatures
Evoking frivolity
Summoning clouds, dragons, various helpful beasties,
Opening vortex's etc etc

As you progress others will join your group, this is important as some instruments need different species and abilities to play (the Lute of Locklbos which needs a player with four arms or the Giant earth fiddle of the old ones which stands taller than a tree and is heavier than a well fed mountain troll) and with the right arrangements the effects of songs can be magnified there true nature awoken or strange new effects discovered (a simple lullaby rearranged to a millipedeal 1000 step rhythm with full 12 octave toadhorn section and a nice fuzzed out Bass Oeuff riff can m*ng out a whole army!)

There are several ways to make new friends or earn much needed supplies or rewards of exciting new songs and instruments, along the way you will help win sweethearts (or maybe win a few yourself (hay why not)) help to herd livestock, bring back moral to the downtrodden of the land or just provide entertainment.

There is no set agenda as such the game has a free feel although your course of action Is often steered by those who join your band and may be using you for there own purposes. Slowly and little by little an epic quest will open up and you may become involved in an age-old struggle where you allegiance is set by your previous actions and the fate of two worlds is in your hands